Students who are interested in applying for the CREST Scholarship for Service (SFS) Program at USF must be:

  • US Citizen or Permanent resident*
  • Undergraduate, Master’s, or PhD students in the following cybersecurity and related majors**:
    • College of Engineering: BSCS, BSCpE, BSCyS, BSEE, BSIT, MSCS, MSCpE, MSEE, MSCyS, Ph.D. (CSE), Ph.D. (EE)
    • Muma College of Business: BS in BA&IS, MS in BA&IS, BS in IACM, MS in IACM, Ph.D. (Data Analytics)
  • Completed 60 or more credits (of the required 120) in their undergraduate degree program by the start of the Fall semester (for undergraduate scholarship)
  • Attending USF on a full-time basis while receiving the CREST scholarship
  • Already accepted or admitted to USF
  • Competitive students with a strong GPA of 3.25 or higher on 4.0 scale (maintain at least a 3.25 in subsequent years)
  • Actively involved in cybersecurity student organizations, competitions, research, or other activities
  • Able to meet selection criteria for employment in executive branch of US Federal government***. Final job placement may require a security clearance* and SFS students may be required to undergo a background investigation to obtain clearance.
  • Is in good standing with USF (e.g., no violations of USF’s Academic Integrity & Ethics, or other student policies and maintains no violations throughout the program)
    • *Security clearance, and many federal agencies, require U.S. citizenship. It is the USF SFS student’s responsibility to attain such a position in federal government given these limitations.

      **Students outside these majors may qualify (if their major is cybersecurity focused), please contact the CREST program director to discuss if you qualify for the scholarship.

      ***The CREST program's goal is a full student placement in government cybersecurity positions with at least 70 percent of scholarship recipients securing placement in the executive branch of the Federal government.



  • Adhere to the requirements of the CREST SFS program at USF
  • Maintain a specified GPA
  • Attending USF on a full-time basis while receiving the scholarship
  • Attend the CyberCorp® Scholarship for Service Job Fair in Washington, D.C. in January of each year
  • After graduation, work for an approved U.S. Federal government organization for a period equal to the length of the scholarship*
  • Complete a degree program at USF on time through a plan of study with a significant focus on cybersecurity
  • Participate research and academic development meetings, seminars, conferences, and other SFS program related activities
  • Meet with the assigned faculty mentor periodically
  • Reimburse the United States if you withdraw from the program or fail to qualify for government employment
    • *Each SFS recipient is responsible for identifying, applying for, or securing a suitable internship or a job at an approved U.S. federal government organization in executive branch. Numerous resources are available including an online and physical annual job fair specifically for SFS students as well as the assistance of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) which oversees permanent placement for scholarship students.